Who or What is MPYRE?

MPYRE is the Monterey Burning Man Regional Group.

Who is MPYRE?

We are the Monterey Burning Man Regional Group.  As a regional group our intention to energize a community that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participate with ones neighbors in a larger realm of civic life, and have a ripe fun time doing it in the process.

What does MPYRE stand for?

Years ago when we tried coming up with a catchy name for our regional group, a lot of ideas and names were tossed around. Our dear Yoshie came up with the moniker M-PYRE, giving homage to the fire aspect of our community and a shout out to Empire, Nevada a town every desert devotee drives through on their way to Black Rock City. Everyone loved the name, which quickly acronym-ed its way into MPYRE, but no one could settle on what the actual acronym was. Monterey People You Really Enjoy, Monkeys Provide Year-Round Entertainment, Monterey’s Practitioners of Youthful Rebellion & Exhibition, and so forth. The one thing we could decide on is that our group is playful, fun and everchanging, and we left the name to reflect that. MPYRE stands for and reflects what you want it to, much like our community, which reflects whatever each participant brings to it.


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