Kraken: Sea Monster Effigy…

S/He was born on November 9, and now Kraken is just two hot glue guns and more tentacles away from being full grown.  Thank you Alan and Ellen for imagining our ocean-living monster, then bringing him/her to life. Pinky and I happily provided tentacle and arm support. Round two of Kraken construction continues this Saturday, […]

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True Grit! Returns to Del Monte Beach – December 7, 2013

True Grit! returns to Monterey for a fabulous full day of engaging art, spectacular music, joyful dance, captivating fire, energetic fun, and–best of all–our inspiring Burning Man community! Come! Participate! Connect! MPYRE invites YOU to bring the spirit of Burning Man and Black Rock City to Monterey. Artists, Musicians, Performers, Volunteers and Neighbors together create […]

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News News News!

MPYREians! Its been a busy August, and I’m sure we are all super overloaded with: School or Work or Getting Ready for Burning Man or All Three! So here are a few quick updates: Our Burning Man Home Movie Night was a yet another evening of wonderful community, Monterey Burners style. …Huge love to our […]

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