MPYRE Strikes Back! Again!!

We are back at it, Burners!

Huge Appreciations are due to Pat Watson for this glorious design. Thank you, Pat!

3 thoughts on “MPYRE Strikes Back! Again!!

  1. too bad!!!!
    Too short of a notice.
    I had a party planned that day for about 2 months now.
    Is this the day that will be for next year? Or is it back to June 1? It would be nice to know so that we can ‘put it on the calendar’ to plan it.

    Denise Gallant
    (My sister and I planned on bringing our art booth from UnScruz. I had talked to Alicia about it for months)

    1. Hi, Denise! This is TidbiT, MPYRE’s new Regional Contact. We are sad to miss you this round, and glad to hear that it is because you are also celebrating each other. I would love to coordinate with you for future gatherings, and I can be reached directly at tidbit @ The plan is to eventually return to two beach burns per year- near the summer (MPYRE Strikes Back!) and winter (True Grit) solstices. This particular event date changed due to other events happening prior, so we dived through the open window to the bay. Wishing us all the most wonderful 21st, 2021!

  2. So Winter Solstice is December 21st, on a Tuesday this year. Is that the date? Or weekend before or after?
    This is an example of our ‘Post Card Art’ camp. :

    I also edited the video for virtual MPYRE last year.

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