MPYRE Strikes Back! Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ Del Monte Beach in Monterey!

Thank you Patrick Watson for our beautiful poster!

Yes, it’s time for The Big ASK… Donate now at mpyre.treasury [at] gmail [dot] com to cover our pre-event expenses: permit, insurance, posters–official documents, Check!

At this moment, our total output is $865:
$565 permit
$240 insurance
$  90 posters

Greeters & Costume Swap
Thank you Lori for picking up decorations for both these essential spaces on the beach and helping with set up. Huge appreciation for all who have already signed up for a greeters shift. Please take one by clicking here: Greeters Sign Up.

Along with receiving donations, a greeters script will be available for you to answer all those questions newbies, burgins, and the curious might ask who happen upon our event. Thank you in advance for representing the beauty of MPYRE and Burning Man to all who pop in, stop by, and linger.

Don’t forget to bring your old favorite costumes that you’re ready to share with someone new. And be ready to discover that ‘new’ fabulous something that fits you perfectly! Bring one, take one!

This year’s effigy, Turn & Burn, designed and built by Lilly and Scotty–with help from you, you, and you–will be ready for your thoughts, dreams, wishes. Tie fabric (ribbons and sharpies provided!) to the piece…pARTicipate, decorate, interact, engage.

And in the spirit of BRC’s Temple, a prayer flag memorial piece will also be installed on the beach for your remembrances and memories.

Both will be set ablaze and released at sunset!

Big thanks to Lucho, Namraja, and Kerry for wrangling our performers and DJs! Live music, DJ sets, and cross-your-fingers for dance performances too! Set list coming shortly. Stay tuned…

And with our FM transmitter your battery-powered boom box will broadcast all sets! Bring it!

Thank you Celsius for wrangling all fire monkeys again in beautiful, mesmerizing style! Mandatory fire safety meeting is scheduled for 8p.

Theme Camps
Yay and welcome to Camp Shiny – A Burning Man Camp for Autism. We are excited to have you join us!

We need at minimum two rangers for the day and night, especially once our effigy is lit. Please connect with your friends-in-khaki. We love all Black Rock Rangers!

Leave No Trace
Thanks to all of us for handling LNT again. We did a great job last time keeping the beach clean during and after. So let’s do it again! Recycling bins, courtesy of the City of Monterey, will be available. And we’ll have extra trash can liners at greeters so bins to not overflow. Let’s prevent the ick of trash on the sand. Thank you for mooping!

The List of Stuff We Need for June 6

General, please bring:
Work Gloves
Head Lamps
Battery Powered Boom Box

Specifics, we will bring:
Pop Ups & Shade Structures: Lori, Lucho, Alicia&Don
Stakes & Ropes: Lucho, Alicia&Don
Generators & Extension Cords: Lucho, Alicia&Don
Sound Set Up: Lucho
Lights for DJ Space: Kerry

Mirrors: Elsa, Alicia&Don
Bins: Alicia&Don
Crafts: Alicia&Don
Fairy Lights: Alicia&Don

If you have any of the specifics, please bring them. On this day, more decorations and crafts are better than less!

Schedule on June 6
9:00a-12:00p, Set Up
Monterey Bay Park @ Del Monte Beach
699 Del Monte Ave
Monterey CA93940

Arrive early to get parking. Don’t forget to buy a parking pass from the kiosk.

8:00p, Mandatory Fire Safety Meeting
All fire performers are required to attend.

9:00p-11:00p, Break Down & Clean Up
Just after sunset, greeters and costume swap will break down. Mooping continues…

9:00a, The Next Day
Final clean up, burn barrel move and mooping.

Thank you all for co-creating another beautiful edition of MPYRE Strikes Back!

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