Notes for Saturday… TRUE GRIT! RETURNS!

Some Final Notes for TRUE GRIT!

Saturday, December 7 @ 8am: Meet for set up.

Everyone Please Bring:
Work Gloves
Head Lamps

Additional to Bring: (For the original list, scroll down)
Sound Set Ups
Light Set Ups
Pop Ups
Generators & Fuel
Extension Cords
Zip Ties & Duct Tape
String and Rope Lights
Greeter Decorations
Tables & Chairs
Mirrors & Bins for Costume Swap
Greeter Info, City Permit, Cash Box, Donation Jar

And I Just Remembered… Can You Also Bring:
Alan & Ellen, a few of your Burning Man books for the Greeters table?
And if anyone else has similar items you’d be open to sharing at Greeters, we’ll make sure they go home with you. Thank you!

More Important Stuff:
Green Beans…We are all on LNT duty. Trash and Recycle bins must be emptied at the end of the night. Heavy duty liners will be at Greeters, so please empty when you see they are almost full. One bag o’ trash home for each of us = Leave No Trace. THANK YOU!

Laminates will be at Greeters. Please add your name, so all of us organizers, theme campers, DJs, performers, rangers, and question answerers may be easily identified.

Saturday, Sunset to 11p: Break Down, Load Out, Moop Check

Sunday, December 8 @ 9am: Meet for final Moop check. Red’s Donuts and coffee will be included.

PM me with any questions.

Dear MPYREians and Burning Man Family from near and far: So once more with feeling…THANK!! YOU!!

Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!



Kraken Effigy

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