plans Plans PLANS – True Grit Planning Meeting Notes

TrueGrit Postcard Front

Thanks for a great planning meeting last Sunday at London Bridge! Happy to see Patrick, Alan, Ellen, Celsius, Kerry, and Pinky again. And thrilled to meet Taylor, Elsa, Sidi, Miranda, Arthur, and Trevor. We so appreciate your energy and intention to create yet another amazing beach burn in Monterey!

First things first…Funds are needed to cover our major pre-event costs: permit, insurance, postcards, and event-day costs: gas to power generators, porta potty, temporary recycle bins, etc.

Junai is working on an Indiegogo to invite and welcome the financial generosity of our local and greater Burning Man family. Please PM him on Facebook, or I’ll connect you via email, to send him some photos of past MPYRE beach events.

In fact, here’s our Paypal link right here! How handy! mpyre.treasury [at] gmail [dot] com

Only with our community’s support can our event, the Only Annual Official Regional Burning Man Event that has No Gates, Boundaries, or Admission Price, be produced, enjoyed, and loved by all of us. Go MPYRE!

Green Beans are in the works. Thanks to Elsa for reaching out to CSUMB’s Go Green Group. We hope the students can come to True Grit and support us with their dedication to minimizing landfill waste, helping people sort their trash from recyclables, and align with our Leave No Trace principle. But let’s all remember to de-moop throughout the day and night. Our beach is our playa for this day. Let’s treat her with respect. RESPECT!

The Numbers…Production Costs are:
Permits, insurance, and postcards have been purchased. Total: $922.
Gas, porta potty, recycle bins, other. Estimate: $300.

And onto All the Fun Stuff…
Thanks to Pinky and Kerry to taking the lead. Kerry will create a Google Docs greeter schedule with two people/hour. Look for the announcement when posted here, on Facebook, and through monterey-announce. In addition to receiving donations, greeters  represent MPYRE and Burning Man to our local neighbors and complete strangers—all who walk by and wonder who we are and what we’re doing! It’s an important job, and you’re just the person to dispense the words of wisdom and charm!

Costume Swap
Elsa and Sidi will take on the return of our hilarious, fun, and cheeky costume swap. Elsa and Kerry will bring mirrors, and Alicia has bins for all the fabulous outfits that are ready to be enjoyed by the next person. Is that you? Or do you prefer to bring your oldies but goodies that have loads of parties in them yet? Your furry, soft, sparkly, fancy, warm, sexy items will be appreciated by all.

The Germ Lives…at Del Monte Beach! Alan and Ellen will install their 2013 playa art piece, complete with sound, light, and mesmerizing energy.

And StegTron will make its debut! Yes, she’s Celsius’ mutant vehicle on the playa. But at True Grit, she’ll be art!

And for those who would like to get their hands dirty, our effigy will be interactive in ways yet to be determined. Stay tuned for details, or simply come to our Effigy Build Days on November 9 and 16. Details are below.

We also hope to welcome The Wahine Project in a dedicated art space for silk screening or spray paint stenciling of your Tshirt or scarf or hat or backpack. BYOT. We will bring the paint!

Thanks to Lucho for securing an excellent sound set up for the main stage from Big Mike. Thanks Big Mike! Lucho will wrangle all music, DJs, set schedule and….a second sound stage! Arthur and Trevor will bring their set up, creating a chill sound space for people in the mood for something different.

Thank you too to Camp Dark Sparkle who will bring a fabulous LED installation for our main sound stage, along with a few of their super DJs! Offlist discussion will follow so music style, genre, genus, species, structure, and volume are clear. Family-friendly rules the day, as Del Monte Beach is public. Details still to be worked out, along with scheduling the live dance performances…

Yes, I said Live Dance! Camp Dark Sparkle brings ballet and fan dancing to our mini beach stage. (Thank you Trevor for trucking it to Del Monte Beach for the day.) Schedule and music needs TBA. Can’t wait to witness toe shoes atop wine bottles!

Celsius is gathering another amazing crew of fire performers! Mandatory fire safety meeting at 4:15p. Fire crews will lead the effigy procession at sunset, and create a perimeter for fire spinning. Miranda, looking forward to watching you spin!

Some exciting news: Performers from San Francisco would like to participate! And we’d love to welcome them! Is anyone available to host one, a few, all these wonderful travelers for the night of December 7? PM me or reach out to Celsius directly.

Theme Camps
Rumor has it that The Freedom Lounge may be visiting our sandy shore! Final confirmation is anticipated, so check back for details. The Freedom Lounge gives spiritual readings and supernatural encounters at Burning Man and other events. Exciting times are coming…

And last but most definitely not least—RANGERS!
Ranger Archer is a definite YES! Thank you, Archer! But which other amazing, wonderful, calm, warm, and loving khakis will grace our event? We’d love to connect with 3-4 more rangers, so we can feel absolutely confident that everyone in our community has the go-to person for supporting our safe and healthy event. Arthur, Jeremy, Celsius, Elsa, and Kerry will contact their ranger friends. Please do the same with yours. Rangers are non-negotiable at every official regional event, and we truly depend on their skills, especially at our open and completely public venue.


Saturday, November 9, 12p–5p, Effigy Build Day—Create
Saturday, November 16, 12p—5p, Effigy Build Day—Complete
Masaoka Glass Design
13766 Center St, Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Bring your ideas and images to collaborate for hands-on creation of our True Grit effigy. Feel free to bring wood of different shapes and sizes to stimulate our collective imagination.

With our 3′-4′ diameter burn barrel, the effigy will be no more than 5′ tall. Along with motif, shape, and structure, how our effigy invites community participation have yet to be discovered. We hope you can join us for both, one, part of one, or part of both days. Be ready to cut, saw, hammer, tie, or glue.

Also bring: WORK GLOVES, snacks, drinks, and your favorite PLAYLIST.


Saturday, December 7, 8a—10a, Set Up
Del Monte Beach, Window on the Bay

Arrive early to complete set up by 10a. Don’t forget to buy your parking permit.

Everyone Please Bring The Following:
Head Lamps
Work Gloves

Other Items We have Committed to Bring:
Pop Ups/Shade Structures: Elsa, Arthur, Alan, Ellen, Alicia, Don,
Stakes & Rope: Arthur, Alan, Ellen, Alicia, Don
Fairy Lights, String Lights: Pinky, Elsa, Alan, Ellen, Alicia, Don
Greeter Decorations: Alan, Ellen

Generators & Extension Cords: Arthur, Trevor, Alan, Ellen, Alicia, Don
Sound Set Up: Lucho, Arthur
Lights for DJ Booths: Kerry, Arthur
Stage: Trevor
Plywood: Arthur, Alan, Ellen, Alicia, Don

Mirrors: Elsa, Kerry
Bins: Alicia
Crafts: Alicia

Saturday, December 7, 4:15p, Mandatory Fire Safety Meeting
All fire performers are required to attend.

Saturday, December 7, Sunset to 11:00p, Load Out and Clean Up
As darkness falls, art, costume swap, stage, and other activities without light will be deconstructed. Greeters will continue at least til 8:00p. Our burn barrel must be monitored throughout the day if lit and definitely throughout the evening. Remember your headlamps and gloves to make clean up as comfortable as possible. Green beans will help with dumping trash and managing recyclables. Our homeless community neighbors are also happy to contribute effort.

Sunday, December 8, 9:00a, Final Clean Up and Burn Barrel Move
All please return for the post-event post-mortem over coffee and Red’s donuts. Our final Leave No Trace check is essential and required…but most of all Desired! Burners always leave our space better than we found it, and the morning is the perfect time to gather the final bits and bobs of moop. Last year we had less than one cup full. Let’s repeat!

Thanks for making it all the way through the book of words!

Cheers dear, wonderful MPYREians!
I’m so excited to be making True Grit with ALL of YOU!

Donate by Paypal at mpyre.treasury [at] gmail [dot] com.
Connect and Volunteer through monterey [at] burningman [dot] com.
Join Us on Facebook at mpyre – monterey bay

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