True Grit! Returns to Del Monte Beach – December 7, 2013

TrueGrit Postcard Front

True Grit! returns to Monterey for a fabulous full day of engaging art, spectacular music, joyful dance, captivating fire, energetic fun, and–best of all–our inspiring Burning Man community! Come! Participate! Connect!

MPYRE invites YOU to bring the spirit of Burning Man and Black Rock City to Monterey.

Artists, Musicians, Performers, Volunteers and Neighbors together create the connection and community of our event. How would YOU like to contribute the gift of your amazing imagination, your creative expression, and your superb energy for True Grit, and share the beauty of Burning Man at Del Monte Beach?

Find us online! We welcome you!

Donate by Paypal at mpyre.treasury [at] gmail [dot] com.
Connect and Volunteer through monterey [at] burningman [dot] com.
Join Us on Facebook at mpyre – monterey bay

TrueGrit Postcard BackHuge THANKS! HIGH FIVES! and MPYREian LOVE! to Patrick Watson for our beautiful event piece! Printing in process. So please come to our next meeting so you may proudly distribute to all your friends, neighbors, and favorite local businesses. Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Beyond: TRUE GRIT! is on its way!

Oh, when’s the next planning meeting?
Sunday, October 27, 2013
London Bridge Pub
256 Figueroa St, Wharf #2
Monterey CA 93940

I will have updates on permit, insurance, porta potty, and you’ll have updates on all the fun stuff: music, art, fire, theme camps, costume swap, community, connection!

Looking forward to see you there!

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