True Grit! Planning Meeting this Tuesday

Good Evening Dear MPYREians!

For all who have just returned from our beloved dusty playa, I hope your landing at ‘home’ has been just as fine as your time at home.

And for all who were not able to make the pilgrimage this year, the playa missed your beautiful selves, and so did we. Next year…?

So in the meantime, let’s bring some playa love to Monterey! Yes, it’s time to plan the return of TRUE GRIT! to Del Monte Beach on the first Saturday in December. That’s December 7, 2013!

True Grit! Planning Meeting:
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Cafe Lumiere
365 Calle Principal
Monterey 93940

On the agenda are the usual suspects:

Bring your creative and inspiring ideas, suggestions, plans to make our annual beach burn the most amazing yet!

True Grit! and her summer sister MPYRE Strikes Back! are the only Official Regional Burning Man events in the United States that have no boundaries, gates, or required admission fee. We love creating, giving, and sharing this event and energy with our local community.

But this will happen only with YOUR energy, YOUR gift, YOUR creativity!

See you on the 24th!

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