Meet Up at Cafe Lumiere on May 23 @ 7p! And other important news… Read on!


Hope you are enjoying the amazing weather we are having this week.

May 23 @ Cafe Lumiere!
Let’s meet up again and hear what fun plans are afoot for our Spring Fling Campout! See you there at 7p.

And speaking of…Have you registered for the campout yet? Please do ASAP right here:

Ethan Elias and I have been brainstorming the idea of making and MPYRE logo. What do you think? Ready for something beautiful, MPYREian, oceanish, seaworthy, beachy, fiery, or equivalent? What images, objects, ideas scream MontereyBurningMan to you? Send your ideas to, post here or on Facebook–or even send some thumbnails of a graphic you love. We want YOUR ideas and creative juices to give US a starting point. Thank you!

Still reading this…I hope so!

At our last meet up, there was discussion about the best place for us to communicate and discuss ideas. monterey-announce is not available for free-form chats and brainstorming. So how about reviving our old yahoogroups email list? Our Facebook page and group can handle lots of comments and discussions. Or would this here site feel like the quickest place to go? Enquiring minds want to know…

Check them out:
Facebook Monterey Burners:
Facebook MPYRE Group:

And if you’d like to be on an old-fashioned email list for planning, organizing, and producing our events, please email with ‘Love to Volunteer’ in the subject line. I’ll put you on the ‘list’ and you’ll get to read everything!

Have a great week, and see you soon!


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