Great evening at Flanagan’s… Thanks for coming!

Welcome to Missy, Lita, and Andy. So happy to say hello to our newest MPYRE-ians!
And thanks to all of you who made it that night. Here’s the recap of ideas going forward…

ART on the Playa!
Alan and Ellen are creating a piece to bring to Burning Man 2013, and they are looking for friends to contribute to their piece. Still in the planning stages, they envision an interactive project with five effigies, each mounted on its own pedestal. In each pedestal, an unfolding story, to be written, will guide intrepid burners through a series of clues or steps, leading to a prize. Stay tuned for more details and ways to be apart of creating art for the playa. Ellen, PM me with corrections and updates. Thank you!

Mr. Wa’s roving stage on the Playa turns out to be… Narwhal. It is in process of being re-born to travel the CORE projects with performance and fun and more. Look for MPYRE-ian performance ideas if your deepest desire is to perform on a boat. on the playa. this summer. at Burning Man! Check the Facebook page:

Fundraising for MPYRE!
As the summer begins, we will start planning for True Grit…Our December beach burn returns after a three year hiatus! As the only Official Burning Man event in the US that has no boundaries, gates, or required admission price, MPYRE’s regionals are a gift to the greater Monterey community. Let’s keep them free to the public!

In the meantime, fundraising is on the agenda, so we can buy permits, insurance, and supplies.

  1. Spring Fling Campout and Ranger Roundup is on the calendar! Invite your friends for a great weekend of connection and fun. Funds raised from camping fees will go to producing True Grit.
  2. Burning Man Movies! A couple of ideas were suggested. Screening Burning Man home movies at a local Carmel Valley art gallery, with music, dancing, cocktails, and our fire performers. Screening ‘Spark – A Burning Man Story.’ Check out the trailer here:
  3. Joining with local dance communities to co-produce events.

Ellen will check in with the gallery, its availability, and entertainment possibilities. Alicia will research bringing a ‘Spark’ screening to Monterey. Anyone have connections with local dance groups? Or is there an amazing dance event MPYRE must join, just because?

Follow Up from December’s Town Hall Meeting!
It was an exciting idea: Fire performance on Custom House Plaza! Before, during, or after a Tuesday farmer’s market on Alvarado! But, alas, fire and the historic buildings there do not mix, according to California State Parks, the governing agency for the Plaza. So no go for that.

But I did learn that fire might be welcome at other state beaches between Moss Landing and Garrapata, pending approval from the superintendent. It all starts with an application. It’s a great idea to keep in our back pocket.

So… Let’s keep your ideas flowing, floating, and opening. And mark your calendars for our next Meet Up at Cafe Lumiere in downtown Monterey @ 7p on May 23!

Cheerio MPYRE-ians!

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