What an Amazing Night in Sand City!

MPYRE @ The Independent Marketplace…

Thanks to our lovely MPYRE-ians for making our contribution to The Indy’s Finale super! wonderful! amazing! loving! exciting!

It was a great evening with DJ Lucho and DJ Sparkinzi spinning for the fabulous performers that night, including One Billion Rising, AcroYoga, Dance Jam, Sirens of the Sur, and last, but not definitely not least…Celsius Maximus and friends.

We came together with videos projected in our cozy camp space. Thanks to Alan and Ellen’s painted wall hanging, Burning Man videos and literature, lights, warm and fuzzy pillows, cushions, and rugs; Kevin’s arctic camo shade cloth, rugs, and tools; Michele’s playa bike and free fairy crowns; Alicia & Don’s furry furniture, rugs, and pillows; and… Dolly with her blinking heart of warm loveliness made our space feel just like home. Jen Haydu from Evolution Yoga was giving free Thai massage between her AcroYoga sets. Friends old and new were welcome to rest, chill, and make new connections.

Celsius, Andy, Paton, Alicia, Jocelyn, and friends gave everyone three sets of fabulous, mesmerizing fire. The flaming nunchucks and hoops were spectacular.

Tim of The Space Palette was in the Kid’s Corner. What a fun piece of art! His highlight: a young girl, 9-10 yrs, tried the Space Palette for the first time and mastered it in two minutes flat. He was amazed and loved seeing her play. Thanks Tim, for bringing your interactive sound/video-scapes to Sand City.

As expected, the space was packed, the vendors were wonderful, the food & drink lovely, the entertainment amazing… And thank you to The Independent for the generous donation to MPYRE. More fun, more community, more art, more music is coming to Monterey, Burner-style!

Farewell to The Independent Marketplace! Cheers to the future Independent Marketplace! We MPYRE-ians are looking forward to joining with you again…

Thank you to EVERYONE for making it a memorable night!

via Monterey Burners.

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