MPYRE at The Indy: Info and Updates

Ouch! Is this as long as it looks…? Yes! Read on for many words about our next MPYRE event. Cheers you fabulous MPYRE-ians!

Happy New Year!

I had great plans to make another planning meeting. But as our joint venture is just 5 weeks out, and I’d like to leave time for an art workday, let’s email updates. Here’s what I know so far…

February 7, 2013 @ The Independent Marketplace

We have great plans afoot…
Tim Thompson of The Space Palette is meeting us tonight at The Indy for a look-see on space that will best present his sound&video art installation. Check it out here:
…Thanks Andrea for making the contact…

Lucho will also be meeting us tonight to sort the DJ setup, equipment, music (for the event and outdoor fire performance).
…Thanks Lucho…

Celsius is all set up with our fire artists for their performance. We await proper city permits through Todd @ The Indy. Dancing Mandy may also be in the house! Yay SC Burners!
…Thanks Celsius…

Our next steps…
Alan, Ellen, Chris & Karen dreamed up a giant pink heart built of chicken wire, EL wire and fur. I say Yes Please! Your thoughts…?

If yes from you, what day works best to build our heart for the MPYRE booth? How about a Saturday or Sunday? Alan, would we be able to use your alley for workspace again? (Note: I will not be available Jan 18-21, but please take the date that works best for all of you.)

Streaming video of Burning Man is also in our plan. I have collected a list of G-rated videos from YouTube. And what are your favorites to add to the playlist? Andrea and Peter have a projector. All we need are: one laptop, and thumb drives with videos.

Anyone? Anyone?

More thoughts to come in another email…

Thank you dear MPYRE-ians!

Write back to let me know your brilliant ideas for our next steps. And I’ll arrange our workday!

Alicia Tao

***** ♥ ♥ ♥ *****

A quick update with notes from Thursday’s Indy…

Tim Thompson and The Space Palette will be making their Monterey debut at February’s Marketplace. The best space for interactive music and video art is set!
…Thanks Tim for driving down and meeting us. I’m so looking forward to playing with The Space Palette…!

Lucho has the low down on all audio equipment available, stage ideas, DJ schedule, and fire sets. MPYRE’s amazing DJs will fill the space with their superb tunes&mixes.
…Thanks Lucho…!

Fire Fire Fire! All performers will get in contact with Celsius for details on schedule for safety meeting and sets.
…Thanks Celsius…!

Andrea and Peter have a GREAT idea: Let’s bring a bit of the playa to the Indy!

For MPYRE’s space, along with our pink heart (?), tshirt stencils (I found great roll on acrylics), and streaming video…How about setting up a prototype BRC camp, with tent, shade structure, cozy furniture for lounging, a playa bike or anything else…Descriptions about the Ten Principles to be included where appropriate, of course…

Many more details to follow, but the general schedule for the event is:

The Independent Marketplace
Valentine’s Love Extravaganza (working title)
Thursday, February 2, 2013
600 Ortiz Ave
Sand City CA 93955
4:00p to 9:00p
$5 Cover | Free Entry 4-5p

Set Up 1:30p to 3:30p.

So… Please reply with your ideas, thoughts, brainstorms, and general brilliance. Enquiring minds want to know!


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One Response to MPYRE at The Indy: Info and Updates

  1. todd says:

    lets talk pronto- i have 95% of vendors confirmed and need now to confirm your space requirements- . Brian Conway wants to schedule an entertainment meeting- lets get together this week at The Indy! cheers- Todd

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