Town Hall Meeting & BBQ on December 1…Notes

Thanks to everyone for a great meeting on Saturday. Plans are in the works for a wonderful 2013 in MPYRE-land, aka Monterey Bay Regional Burning Man Group.

2013 Events

February 7, 2013: MPYRE partners with The Independent Marketplace (proposed). The Independent hosts a monthly food/music/art/culture community market in Sand City on the first Thursday of the month; the theme for February is LOVE. Ideas for MPYRE’s participation:

  1. Fire Performances–Celsius thinks 2 or 3-30min sets. All fire spinning is outdoors.
  2. Interactive Art–Andrea and Peter will make contact with the video&sound artist at Santa Cruz Decom to invite him to bring his installation to the event. Alicia will bring Tshirt stencils for interested spray painters.
  3. DJ Music–Alicia checking in with Lucho…
  4. MPYRE/Burning Man Info–Table with info about Burning Man, the Ten Principles, streaming videos of the playa, and other assorted swag, photos, and fun stuff.
  5. Details to Look Into: WiFi for Dropbox of video playlist? Special permits needed for fire performances? Enough space and distance for two sound spaces?

Announcement will go out for an MPYRE meet up at December 6, this Thursday’s Indy Marketplace around 6p to check out the event, the vibe, the space.

June 7-9, 2013: Spring Fling Ranger Roundup Campout at Fremont Peak State Park. Alicia will reserve the group campsite and contact Ranger Santa Cruz to coordinate a Ranger training.

August 26-September 2, 2013: MPYRE Meet Up on the Playa. TBA

December 7, 2013: True Grit at Del Monte Beach, Monterey. Our annual beach burn returns…!!

And other great ideas were bounced around too…

An MPYRE fire performance in Monterey at Custom House Plaza, between downtown Monterey and Fisherman’s Wharf–Perhaps on a Tuesday evening, during the weekly Alvarado St Farmer Market, for an hour or so; or on the equinox for a Burnal Equinox (equinox on Wednesday, March 20, 2013) event; working with the Maritime Museum to coordinate with one of their events; setting up a small ‘playa camp’ with info about what to bring to the Burning Man; permits needed…

CORE Project. Chris sketched an idea for a CORE project–a cone vortex of sardines ‘swimming’ above a can. Questions: What about funding, man power for building, transporting, constructing, burning? Alicia will forward CORE application and information as soon as it’s released in January. In the mean time, let’s keep thinking about this as grant applications will be due early 2013.

Partnering with a Local Non-Profit. Thomas brought up the idea of joining forces with a local art-based non profit to co-produce a fundraising event. Give us your thoughts and possible organizations to research and approach.

And Other Great Ideas…

What are the possibilities of having another summer Beach Burn? MPYRE Strikes Back in August was the best burn yet, especially with the costume swap and central fire barrel holding a great space for our dancing, performing, meeting and hanging out with friends new and old.

Do we want to try out a series of events, perhaps once a month for three months to build energy and interest to build our local community?

January 2013 will be our next planning meeting, but see you this Thursday in Sand City!

Thanks again to Andrea and Peter for hosting at their home, and all the tasty food everyone brought. Googly-eyed burning ginger cookie mans were adorable and tasty! And I heard reports that the old fashioned jello fish was a hit!

Write back with ideas, updates, comments, and more! Cheerio MPYREians!



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