Monterey Beach Burn – INFO plus Call for Participation & Black Rock Rangers – MPYRE Strikes Back – August 4th!

We are less than one month out from MPYRE Strikes Back (Now in 3-D!), Monterey Bay’s Official Burning Man Beach Burn. 

Saturday, August 4th, 10a-10p, the sands of Monterey will be taken over by a brilliant display
of music, dancing, art, fire performance, theme camps, and an assortment of expression
and cacophony the likes of which Monterey has never seen!

Who: Everyone! (including pets on leashes)

Where: Del Monte Beach, Monterey – Windows on the Bay (in between Monterey Bay Kayaks and the Volleyball Courts)

When: Saturday, August 4th, 10a-10p

Cost: Suggested Donation, $10 –

All prepaid donations of $10 or more will receive an 11×17 poster calendar featuring stunning
photography by Aldo Gemel. You can pick up your calendar at the beach burn, or if you want it shipped add $5.
Paypal or go to

MPYRE Strikes back, and its sister event, True Grit, are the only official Burning Man events in the world that have no gates,
required entry fees or admission policies.  To be able to produce these events is a gift that the City of Monterey has
given us for years with their support, encouragement, and reduced permit fees.

In exchange for all they give us, we give the City of Monterey a brilliant display of Burning Man culture, joy, fun and frivolity. To make this happen, we need participants!

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in this fantastic event make it happen for Monterey!

Costume Swap:
There will be a costume swap during the day, bring your extra pieces and trade them out! A great time to clean out the closet and get some new duds!

Theme Camps: Do you have an interactive theme camp that would like to participate and join the fun?! We have space for a few more camps and would love to include you! (No more amplified sound camps, please)

Art: Bring out your project/sculpture/display/art to share with the community! If you have a large piece that needs specific consideration, or has fire effects, please give us a shout ahead of time so we can do our best to accommodate your project! 

Fire Performance: If you are a fire performer, and would like to participate in this event, please be available for the 7:30 safety meeting with Celsius. ANY ONE PLANNING ON PERFORMING WITH FIRE MUST ATTEND THE SAFETY MEETING. If you are representing a troupe that would like to perform, please contact us ahead of time so we can best accommodate your performance.

Black Rock Rangers: Ideally, we could use a total of four Rangers 2 in the morning/afternoon (10-4), and 2 in the afternoon/evening (4-10). This event is very mellow and in the history of doing this event seven times, we have never had any serious incident.

Greeters: Hang out, relax, and welcome everyone to the beach! The event is located directly on the main tourist beach in Monterey. We get a lot of fun traffic on the bike path, that runs adjacent to the event, and greeting is a blast!! It’s the place to be! Shifts run 90-120 minutes, and are shaded from the sun!

Green Beans: We need two more volunteers to help with making sure the trash cans are set up and taken care of during the day. HIstorically, this position has involved a bit of prep time prior to the event, and about 30-60 minutes during the event.

Community Firewatch: We have a beautiful fire bin this year and will be hosting a community fire during the late afternoon and eventing, as well as burning our effigies in the bin. Two volunteers are needed to keep an eye on the burn later in the night, and be responsible for making sure the embers are taken care of at the end of the evening (metal bucket and shovels will be provided)

Community Work/Fun Day – JULY 22nd – CARMEL VALLEY: Our last and final work day will be at the Carmel Village studio of Masaoka Glass. We will be focusing on effigy burn/fire conclave coordination, finishing up the Net Prophet: Sea the Future art project, and finishing all the final details of the burn. Bring you smiles and readiness to get things done!

If you want to…

…register a theme camp
…ask questions
…find out more
….tell someone a story
….just send an email for no reason at all
…post a picture of a hamster

email or check out our Facebook event page: Facebook Link:


Facebook Page:

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