MPYRE STRIKES BACK! (Now in 3-D) Monterey’s Semi-Annual-Ish Beach Burn

It’s that time of year again–MPyre Strikes Back! Live and in 3D!Our official Burning Man Beach Burn on Del Monte Beach (Windows on the Bay) in Monterey!!

There will be:
Amazing DJs!
Fire Performance!
Outlandish Dancing!
Curious Art and Creative Silliness!!!


We’re going to burn some shit–TWO effigies, politely named “Bellgina and the Fertility Organ”

Bring your blankets, beach chairs, whimsy, fun, costumes, hoops, fire toys, joy and best burner smiles!!

Children and pets (on leash–the pets, not the kids!) and people of all ages welcome. Open containers on the beach are allowed, however all state, local and federal rules apply.

We encourage and welcome theme camps, performance, art installations and have full fire permits for this event, so please bring your firetoys and enjoy spinning and hooping on the edge of the Pacific Ocean! There will be amplified music from 10a-10p.

This is the only official Burning Man event in the world that has no boundaries, gates, or required admission price. That is an incredible opportunity for sharing this beautiful energy with our immediate community. To make this happen, we need volunteers and willing hands to bring this to our beach!

To cover the costs of the permits and insurance, we ask that you donate $10 per person to the event either by paypal to: or donating during the event.

***EVERYONE THAT PREPAYS their $10 donation WILL RECEIVE an 11×17 poster calendar with beautiful photography they can pick up at the event. If shipping is needed, please add an extra $5

Link to donation page

IMAGE by Aldo GemelGet involved in making it happen! We need volunteers: greeters, rangers, burn barrell overseers, etc. (We do not need more DJs. FACT.)

If you are interested in performing, volunteering, installing an art piece, theme camp or have any questions please email and let us know what we can do to help!

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