Recap of the 2nd Planning Meeting for the Aug 4th Beach Burn – MPYRE Strikes Back (NOW IN 3-D!)

Hello My Sweet Mpyrians!

Last night’s Beach Burn Planning Meeting (which was hosted in 3-D by Rick, thank you, sir) produced a lot of smiles, and a lot of great ideas. Here’s a quick summary, and everyone can chime in and add their ideas, thoughts, or whatever you would like to pipe in about.

Map/Layout – Thomas provided a sketch of the site and we discussed various ideas for layout. It was finally decided that we would see how many theme camps and groups showed interest in setting up in a designated area, and we can form the layout with a bit more confidence at that point. It was agreed by everyone, that some form of a circle in the layout, would be ideal, if the infrastructure of the event can support it. Thank you, Trevor, for being a help in some of the theme camp communications as we move forward on this planning phase.

Community Art – Ellen unveiled some pictures and materials for the upcoming community art project. She can say it far more eloquently, however, the idea is to have a large fishing net, with a thousand or more holographic flickering fish attached to it, that people can write words on, decorate, etc. Having the grand mass of them will represent the sardine history of the Bay, as well as a nice reminder of our individuality within a group, and the beauty of each. To hep fund this project, Ellen and Alicia are collaborating on submitting MPYRE’s first art grant application with Burners without Borders, we’ll keep you posted, and looking forward to working on this project with our community!

Music – Lucho will be putting a call for performers out in the next week or so. Trevor also suggested having a second, non-competing sound system in the Temple of Ra this year.

Fundraising – The Spring Fling Campout will be a fundraising opportunity for this event, as well as selling a poster-calendar featuring a photograph of a past burn (comng very soon!) We will also be asking for $10 donations from attendees at the event, or beforehand at

Fire – We need to talk to the City about a few amendments to our fire permit. We are going to ask to have one larger, burn area, rather than two small ones. In addition to that requrest, we are going to request, kindly, if we could please continue the community campfire until 11p, if we kill the music at 10p. We think this would be a lovely time to burn some effigies. Ill keep you posted how that request process goes.

Thats right, EFFIGIES! Thomas proposed the great idea, with the theme this year being Fertility 2.0 (and I personally feel like we are having a rebirth of our own community hmmwarmfuzzymmm) that we make two effigies, a man an da woman, and bring them together and burn them in one pyre. (ok, that part was suggested last night) – SOOOO. we are having an effigy build day/work day/fun day/potluck day/maybe-some-music day (hey, Lucho, Sparkinzi..hint..hint..hee) on April 28th. Details to come. We are finalizing the locaion as we speak.

I am sure I am missing lots of other info we talked about and didn’t talk about. Everyone that was there, please fill in the gaps, and add your ideas and opinions!

Thank you everyone that was there, and everyone that is making this event a reality. My heart is huge for all the exciting things happening in our community. Hooray!

If you want to volunteer or get involved in the planning of the event, or want to get involved, but physically can’t make the meetings, click here to join the MPYRE Beach Burn Planning Facebook Group

Click here for the MPYRE Facebook Page


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