Meet, Greet and Plan the Beach Burn!

Hello My Fellow Burners and Burnees!

Let’s get together and plan a beautiful event!

After talking with the City of Monterey, we have a date for our next OFFICIAL BURNING MAN BEACH BURN!!!!!

That’s right! MPYRE STRIKES BACK, our quasi-annual summer beach burn has been slated for August 4th, 10a-10p and we can let the planning begin!

For those of you that are not familiar with what we have been doing here, a little historical background…

On the first Saturday night of December 2006, a bonfire was scheduled on the beach. There would be lights, music, a fire, and….four people. It was cold, fun, and a beginning. A year later, over 150 people gathered in the same spot coming from North Bay, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and all the places in between. There was a dj booth, a huge bar, a bingo machine, two campfires and…..the police. It was a beautiful night, everything was perfect, and two officers joined our party. The first thing they said….”If we weren’t working we would be here right now”. They complimented us on our recycling bins, genuine spirit, sense of play and our naivety in the permitting process. Afterwards, we contacted the City of Monterey and said “Ok, you know what we’re about, now how do we make it legal?” And so a beautiful relationship was formed. In the years since, the City has granted us several permits to host an official Burning Man event on the Del Monte Beach.

Fast forward and we have had so many beautiful and

And so we find ourselves with such an opportunity again!

Our permits allow:

– 2 burn barrels/receptacles – We can burn as much as we want in them as long as it fits in the barrel. (effigy, anyone?)
– amplified music, respectful to the environment at large, between 10a-10p
– fire performance, within 30ft of the waters edge
– art installation and respectful to the environment, temporary structures – theme camps, tents, greeter booth, info booth, etc.

This is an exciting opportunity to share creative expression with our local community. To make these events happen, it takes a lot of hands, and a lot of heart and I know we have both!

If you are interested in getting involved in helping make shine through volunteering, performance, art installation or theme camp, we will be hosting a get together to go over all the ins and outs and details and would love to have you there!

Everyone! Anyone! Someone? YOU!

Sand City Art Center/Warehouse
1795 California Ave. Sand City

Tuesday, January 28th

What to bring:
Snacks or drink to share
A cup
A chair or blanket to sit on (this is a warehouse, and there is minimal available seating)
A great attitude and enthusiasm!

Looking forward to the fun, ideas and getting to see you all in person! Thanks for being a part of this beautiful community spirit

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