June 15-17 – Spring Fling Campout and Ranger Roundup at Fremont Peak

That’s right, it’s the annual MPYRE Spring Community Campout!

Come on up to Fremont Peak for the SPRING FLING CAMPOUT AND RANGER ROUNDUP!

This weekend will be a wonderful time of community, fun, relaxation and all round good times.  Come on out and connect with the community, see old friends and make new ones! The views are incredible, the camping area has plenty of space for all sorts of hijinks, fun, testing out your camp and lounging around!

Welcome one, welcome all, welcome the new-comer, welcome the old-timer, join the fun!

This is an all-ages event, free for kids coming with parents.
$20 per person includes two nights of camping at the group spot.
$10 per person for day use only
Free day use if you are only coming for the Ranger training.

We have reserved the multi-acre group campsite at Fremont Peak State Park, and have plenty of room to accommodate up to 70 campers and about 35 vehicles (with room for a fewish RVs in there)

For those of you that are not familiar with Fremont Peak State Park: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=564

On Saturday, there will be a Black Rock Ranger Training hosted by Ranger Santa Cruz. To register for the Ranger Training, please find more information at http://rangers.burningman.com/wordpress/

There is no amplified music allowed at the state park, however, feel free to bring your instruments and music for your own personal camp area. As long as it is not audible outside the overall group camp area, there are not any issues.

Last year, we had a fantastic jam with everyone that brought their instruments and it was a great time of connection.

There is a large central firepit for everyone to enjoy as well as several picnic tables, a couple of outhouses, and a large grill area.

First come, first serve on camping space. There is a minimal amount of flat ground, so come early to get the space you want.

We need a few people during the weekend to greet, check in people as they arrive, and help out with preparation. If you are interested in volunteering, please email monterey@burningman.com.

Any questions, please post on the page, or contact monterey@burningman.com

WHO: Everyone! All ages!
WHAT: Two-night community campout
WHEN: June 15-17
WHERE: Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista
WHY: Because we love you!

To reserve your spot, paypal your funds to mpyre.treasury@gmail.com or click the Register link.

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