Final Details for MPYRE Strikes Back, July 9th!!!!

Happy Summer Burners!!

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming interest and support in the upcoming official Burning Man event, MPYRE Strikes Back!

This event is a true gift from the City of Monterey, and it’s such a joy to enjoy so many people from all over the Bay Area coming to our shindig.

Here are some final details and needs for our upcoming burn, if you can help with anything, we would greatly appreciate it!

Children: Families are welcome, as this is a public beach, and we aim to include our entire community.

Alcohol: The City of Monterey regards this event like a big family picnic. Open containers are allowed. Remember all state, local and federal laws do apply.

Parking: There is a parking lot in front of the event, however it will fill up fairly quickly. There is free parking on Del Monte Avenue, however if that is full, and you don’t mind walking, head a few blocks back there is more free parking.

Dogs: We love our furry friends and they are welcome at the beach! Make sure you have a leash to keep them in check, and pick up after their poopers!

Burning Stuff: Our permits allow for two burn barrels on the beach, we currently have none. If someone has a burn barrel they would like to volunteer, I’m certain folks would appreciate it.

Stuff to Burn: Hot Mama and Anthony (in Santa Cruz) have made a very generous donation to MPYRE in the form of a great amount of firewood. If anyone that is planning on coming through that direction would be able to bring that down here that morning, that would be VERY helpful!

Fire Play: We have full fire permits for this event and it is open to everyone that wants to do any type of fire performance. We ask that each performer meet with the fire wrangler at the safety meeting at 7:45p at the Greeter Booth.

Greeters: Speaking of greeters, we need a few more. If anyone is interested in greeting, it is a 90 minute shift, very relaxing and you get to hang out with some really fun folks!

Greeter Booth: Looking for one more 10×10 to shade the greeter booth.

Rangers: We are in need of Black Rock Rangers for this event. If you are a Ranger, or know any that might be interested. Please contact

Music: We got some interest in acoustic performances, and were hoping to to accommodate this with an additional performance space. Unfortunately, this time around, we were not able to create a second stage/space. However, that is not to say that anyone can’t bring a setup and create their own! There is plenty of space on the beach for theme camps, public art areas, and places to pull out those instruments and play!

Current DJ/Performer Lineup:

Eileen Lewis
Evelie & Kismat-Kahal Kirtan Ensemble
Jef Stott

Camping: There is a City campground called “Veteran’s Park” that is a first-come, first-serve campground in the City of Monterey.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and please contact If you are interested in helping out or getting involved! Thanks, see you this Saturday!!!!

jennie kay

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