Spring Fling Campout and Ranger Roundup! May 20-22 at Fremont Peak State Park

Hey guys!! It’ right around the corner, our Spring Fling Campout and Ranger Roundup at Fremont Peak.

What’s this you say? A campout? with Black Rock Ranger Training? BUT I’M NOT A RANGER AND I LOOK TERRIBLE IN KHAKI!

Well, it’s true, you do look terrible in khaki (someone had to tell you!) however this doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time at the campout.

MPYRE has reserved the group campsite at Fremont Peak. If you haven’t been there before, it is a stunning vista at 3000ft elevation that looks out across Monterey and San Benito Counties. This is a great time of community connection and fun. The Ranger Training will go on during the day on Saturday, however for the rest of us, there is plenty of hiking, fun, silliness and mayhem to be had.

We will also be doing a test run of some silent disco equipment for future events, so lets see what kind of silent trouble we can get into!

This event is expected to sell out. We are limiting ticket sales to 60 people, and we have had a great amount of interest so if you are interested, please reserve your place now. The cost is 15$ per person for the whole weekend, that includes two nights of camping, and a hug. If you aren’t in the mood to camp, come on out for the day and it’s only 5$ per person. All funds go towards paying for the event, and going towards insurance, permits, etc. for future community events such as TRUE GRIT, and MPYRE Strikes Back.

***We have two comps available for anyone wanting to act as gatekeeper (checking in the people as they arrive. no need to stand at the gate, however when you see someone pull in, go over and make certain they are on the list, give them their schwag, etc.) If you are interested in this, please contact monterey@burningman.com***

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2 Responses to Spring Fling Campout and Ranger Roundup! May 20-22 at Fremont Peak State Park

  1. La Mujer says:

    So, even people who aren’t interested in the training can camp out? Or no?

    And, we need to bring our camping gear, yes?

    Never been to one of these, but I’m considering it. 🙂

    • jenniekay says:

      YES! This is a campout for everyone, those participating in Ranger Training or not. The Ranger Training is going to be taking place as an additional activity, however the rest of us that are not doing the training will have plenty of fun as well! Bring your camping gear if you plan on camping. Day use stop bys are welcome – To reserve your camping or day use spot, sign up and pay through http://www.montereyburners.com or send your paypal donation to mpyre.treasury@gmail.com. Thanks! If you have any questions, please feel free to email monterey@burningman.com

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