TRUE GRIT Thank you!!!!

WOW! What an incredible and fantastic day TRUE GRIT turned out to be! Monterey’s sixth official Burning Man event was an overwhelming success.

First, thank you to the City of Monterey and huge amount of trust they give us to provide an event like this on their main tourist beach. Neither the Police nor Fire Department stopped by all day. We would have loved the company, but was blown away that they trusted us enough that they did not feel the need to be there.

Thank you Monterey community and beyond. We had a wonderful turn out. Folks all the way from Reno and North Bay and others up from LA and Santa Barbara. It was a wonderful time of connection and joy for so many people.

Thank you Black Rock Rangers and specifically our wonderful Ranger Flight Attendant that kept us out of harms way the entire day!

Thank you Michael Horsley for setting up an incredible greeters booth and serving warm drinks all day!

Thank you Firecracker! and Renee for wrangling greeters and running a tight ship at the greeters booth all day.

Thank you Rachel for an outstanding job at green beaning, greeting, and scaring the dickens out of everyone in the cemetery with your black wings.

Thank you DJs for your incredible performances…

Renee SoGay, Todd Prophet, Steve Eatough, Rob Monroy, Papouban, Durty, Chlorophil, Sparkinzi, Tim Dionne, Miss Cooper and the Rhino!

Huge THANK YOU to the Temple of RA for bringing a beautiful temple and shelter out to the beach. Thank you to everyone who brought easy ups and structures and costumes and hoops and theme camps and everyone and everything else that made it out there that day!

thank you thank you thank you!!! Looking forward to more connections in our community and fun!

Remember all these events are insured and permitted, and those funds are all raised by donation. If you had a great time on Saturday and did not get a chance to donate, please donate through the paypal button at

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