This Saturday, TRUE GRIT!!!!

I can’t believe it, another year has passed and True Grit is upon us again. The blustery wonderful goodness of Monterey’s Burning Man community. Twelve hours of rocking DJs, great art, wonderful costumes and the incredible connections we will make off the playa floor.

The DJ Lineup is looking great, as always, we are so thankful to each one of these folks that come out and donate their time, not only behind the decks, but also behind the greeter booth. Stop by and say hi!

Speaking of lineup…here it is!

10 Renee SoGay
11 Todd Prophet
12 Tyler Jackson
1 Rob Monroy
2 Ivan Ruiz
3 Papouban
4 Sparkinzi
5 Chlorophil
6 Samira
7 Tim Dionne
8 Miss Cooper
9 the Rhino

Lets see….all sorts of other things to talk about for this Saturday….

Rangers: WE STILL NEED RANGERS!!!! If you are a ranger, and are interested in rangering, please email asap!

Fire play: If you plan on spinning fire please meet with Celcius, the fire wrangler, at the greeter booth at 4:20 for a safety meeting. We have full permits for fire, and five hours of dark to play in with the sun setting at 4:50 that afternoon. Everyone that spins must be sober and attend the fire safety.

Community Fire: There will be one (or two, does someone want to bring another burn barrel?) burn barrel for community use. Please bring firewood to burn, and we can keep the fire going all night long! We have no official effigy to burn, but if you feel inclined to make one, please make sure all materials are natural and burnable and that the effigy fits inside the diameter of a standard burn barrel.

Cost: Suggested donation is $10 per person. This pays for the permits, insurance and infrastructure of this event. This is the only official Burning Man event in the world that does not have any gates or required entrance fee. If you are able to donate, please do. All donations made before the day of the event, through; will receive a really cool sticker that won’t be available the day of the event or to anyone else, which is pretty cool, like the cool sticker. cool? cool.

Laws: Pants off. Bits and Nipples covered. You know the drill. Open container is allowed. All state, local and federal laws apply. Animals allowed, on a leash.

Art: If you have a large installation you would like to bring, please email to have a place set aside.

That should do it! If you have any other questions, please bump us a note and lets get an answer for you!! See you Saturday!!!!

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